Q: How do I login to Carxtra?

On your web browser, visit https://www.carxtra.com/login and select the relevant country you require.

Q: Do I need to have internet connection to use Carxtra?

Yes, Carxtra is accessed using a web browser and values are retrieved digitally. It also allows us to do live updates and enable new features without waiting for the latest version, or having to worry about new computer installs or configurations.

Q: Do I need to download an app or install software to use Carxtra?

No, it is all web based and real-time information and works on any web browser.

Q: Why am I not able to subscribe to the introductory offer?

The introductory offer is only available once to each business or individual, so you will be automatically declined if you have accessed this offer already. If you think this is an error, please contact us at info@carxtra.com

Q: How do I know my payment details are secure?

Online payments are secure. The payment system we use is called Stripe, which is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. You will receive a receipt automatically to the email address you supply at payment. For more details about Stripe please visit www.stripe.com

Q: How am I invoiced and how do I pay?

When you sign up to the introductory offer, choose the plan you require and pay online. An invoice for this amount will be generated automatically. After your trial period another invoice will be generated for your 12 month subscription and the card you used for the initial payment will be deducted for the whole amount.

Q: How does Carxtra value cars?

Car values have been compiled from the results of tests and analyses carried out by Carxtra. We have embraced machine learning and automation, which enables us to take masses of data from multiple sources to create values that reflect the market. We do this for every Country, so the car values are relevant to you and your business wherever you are.
There is no guesswork!

Q: How do I search for a specific car?

It is really simple to search for a specific vehicle. In the left navigation bar, select Quick Search. Select Vehicle type, Make and Model initially and Carxtra will generate the relevant list of cars. To narrow this down further, and to make sure you select the correct vehicle, there are further optional criteria such as fuel type, transmission and number of doors.

Q: How do I view the car’s details and values?

When you have searched for the car (see How do I search for a specific car?) click on the selected car and it will present the car’s details and values

Q: How do I get a value of a car of a specific age and mileage?

There are two dropdown options to choose. Simply select the age and mileage of the car and press the Get Valuation button. The depreciation curve will change, as will the two values on the left and right of the graph.

Q: How do I store these car details?

Select Status of the car, as interested in, incoming stock, into stock, sale preparation or sold. This will store the car details in accordance to each stage of the sales process, then you will be able to create reports on turnover and return on investment, helping you to monitor your business transactions. The car's Status can be accessed on the left navigation bar.

Q: How do I manage users on my account?

On the left navigation, click Users. From here you can invite users by adding their name and email address.

Q: How do I access my invoices?

On the left navigation, click Billing and then select Invoices.

Q: How do I change my subscription level?

On the left navigation, click Billing and then select Subscription. Change subscription level required.